Hyperconnectors are the creative of the digital era because in the age of information overload, where everybody creates online content, effectively curating content is what really matters.

From “The Future of You”, an article on the Harvard Business Review blog, outlining three ‘essential’ qualities for the ‘new era of work’:

- self-branding (“your ability to be a brand”)
- entrepreneurship
(your ability to be “a change agent”) and
- hyperconnectivity (your ability to be an influencer; to “be a link to useful information”)

I pulled out the above quote because I self-identify. Having stumbled into hyperconnectivity, and choosing to craft and hone this skill, it’s nice to get some perceived legitimacy shed onto my practice (most of all, honestly, for myself).

Also, a case in point: Maria Popova aka BrainPicker.
The self-proclaimed “interestingness hunter-gatherer and curious mind at large” has established herself as an internet authority: not by talking about being one, but by delivering content - consistently and of high caliber.

I so respect and admire her work and her approach. I’m out to create and fill a different niche, and I credit much to her as an inspiration of related possibility.

~ H

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